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What our clients say

Jiří Procházka | Human Resources Manager

“We have been working with BENEFITY for 11 years now. Thanks to their benefit management software we always have an up-to-date overview of the money we invest in motivating our employees and of the costs we are able to save thanks to the benefit system. Our employees are happy too, appreciating the modern Internet application where each one of them can choose the exact benefits they want and where they can keep an eye on which benefits they draw. They also value the wide range of benefits on offer, the simple way of accessing them and the pleasant customer support.
We, on the other hand, appreciate the individual approach of the company and its helpfulness, flexibility and great cooperation with the commercial department at the company. We can thoroughly recommend BENEFITY a.s. as a provider of employee benefits.“

Marek Vasiljev | Head of the Department of Remuneration and Benefits

“We have been working with Benefity a.s. since 2013 and to date we have only heard positive responses from our employees. Our work with them has been problem-free throughout and we particularly value the fast and helpful resolution of all our requirements.
The Cafeteria is a greatly-welcomed and popular benefit among our employees and we can heartily recommend the services provided by Benefity a.s.“

Tomáš Doležel | Compensation and Benefits Manager

“We have been a client of BENEFITY a.s. for a number of years now. We consider BENEFITY to be a professional and extremely reliable partner in this field. We value the company’s individual approach and its helpfulness and flexibility. Our employees are able to educate themselves thanks to the employee benefits on offer and to actively spend their free time, do sport and, for example, invest in their health. What is more, everyone can choose what they want themselves according to what interests them at that time.”

Jiří Hofbauer | Head of HR Expertise

„Our cooperation with BENEFITY allows us to offer our employees a wide range of tax-advantaged benefits.
Our employees mainly appreciate the simple way in which they can draw on benefits and the fact that it is easy to find their way around the application.
We, meanwhile, value the helpful communication we enjoy with the BENEFITY team, which responds to our requests and tries to provide us with what we need.

Ing. Jarmila Kasalová | HR Manager

“We have been working with BENEFITY a.s. since 2012. Initial hesitation soon disappeared and the system of benefits has become popular among our employees, with most of them now using it to the maximum possible extent. We see the main advantages as being the wide range of benefits, available throughout the Czech Republic, the simple administration involved and clear invoicing. We greatly appreciate the professional approach of BENEFITY a.s., which always tries to accommodate our specific requirements.“

Jiřina Šedivá | Personnel Department

„This is our second year of working with Benefity a.s. in providing services to our disabled employees.
Our employees are always able to choose a specific service from the wide range of benefits which you offer, whether in the world of health, recreation or sport.
We value the unique software application that allows disabled employees to access the range of benefits on offer themselves and have freedom of choice, all with the minimum administrative load on the employer.”

Svátková Štěpánka | Personnel Officer

„We have been using the services of Benefity since the beginning of 2015. Putting the programme in place went according to the set timetable. Benefity accommodated our requirements to the maximum, responded flexibly and continues to respond actively to our requests. We greatly appreciate the innovations provided by Benefity in terms of the services provided. We also rate highly the pro-customer approach, thanks to which we have been able to move most of the administrative work associated with benefits to their customer centre.”