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By shopping for benefits, you always save 26% compared to paying cash.

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Using the benefit system is always more favorable for you in financial terms than a regular financial bonus. Benefits are exempt from tax, which means you don’t pay insurance premiums or income tax on them.

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Enter the number of employees and amount of benefit per person,
and see how much you can save with BENEFITY cafeteria.

Calculation of employer
into wage
into cafeteria
Remuneration of amount of
Insurance premium of employer
per 1 employee (34%)
Income tax of employer
per 1 employee (19%)
Total costs per 1 employee
Total costs

You save

With BENEFITY cafeteria the following
per one employee
Total (for all employees) saved

Enter your level of benefit and see how much you can save with BENEFITY cafeteria.

Calculation of employee
Remuneration into wage
Remuneration into cafeteria
Remuneration of amount of
Insurance premium per employee (11%)
Income tax base
Income tax (15%)
Net income
(remuneration minus
insurance and tax)

You save

Total difference

Choose from Stone-and-mortar Establishments
and E-shops

Pharmacies, opticians, massages, rehabilitation
Fitness centers, sports facilities, pools, ski resorts
Tour operators, cottage and chalet rentals, hotels, discount portals
Cinemas, theaters, ticket portals, books, experience portals
Specialized courses, leisure courses, driving schools, language lessons

Benefity Cafeteria to Choose
and Manage Benefits

  • Your benefit account is linked to a card that instantly allows you to select the goods or services of your choice.
  • As soon as you get a card, you can start enjoying your benefity points.
  • In the Benefity application, you have a secure personal profile that you can manage as needed, and where you have a constant intuitive overview of your past purchases.

Benefits Always in Reach with the Benefity Mobile App:

  • Detailed descriptions of points of sales
  • Searches based on your present location
  • Supplier addresses via mapy.cz
  • Information about special offers
  • Promo codes and cashbacks at selected partners in the Discount Club


Benefity Mobile App

You can use Benefity points
at over 25,000 locations in CZ.

Dozens more are added every week.

Can’t Find Your Favorite Supplier in the Cafeteria?
Contact us and we will do everything possible to see to it that
you can apply your corporate benefits with them!

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Like to Know How Easy It Is to Shop at a Stone-and-mortar Store?
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Didn't find the information you were looking for?
You may find them in the FAQs

I have lost the PIN to my ID card. What should I do?

It is simple. Write us a request to send your PIN using the contact form. Specify the number of your benefit card and your company e-mail address and your PIN will come to you within 24 hours (on business days). If you don’t have a company e-mail address, we will send the PIN to your employer's Human Resources Department.

I have lost my benefit card. What should I do?

You can order a duplicate card in your benefit catalogue under Other benefits / Benefity ID card (you will have to pay a small fee for us to make and distribute the new card). You will usually receive a new card from us within 14 days. If you are unable to apply for a new card yourself for some reason, colleagues from your HR Department are sure to help you with this. For security reasons, we recommend that you phone our information hotline to have your account blocked (as a preventative measure) until such time as the new card arrives.

I have forgotten the password for the online application. What should I do?

The quickest thing to do is to call our information line. Our operator will immediately return the password to its original format, meaning the 4-digit PIN which you received in the accompanying letter to your benefit card. You can also request this process using the contact form.

I need to cancel an order I placed for a benefit. What should I do?

Send us a cancellation request using the contact form. Please specify in the form the transaction number and the value of the transaction. We will then get in touch with the supplier of the benefit and, if it agrees, we will return the points to your benefit account. Cancelling an order is free and usually doesn’t take more than a few hours.

I would like to enjoy benefits from a supplier that is not in the catalogue. What should I do?

We are continually expanding our network of suppliers and will be more than happy for your suggestions. It is simple – send us some basic information about the potential supplier using the contact form and we will deal with the rest. The process takes about a month from start to finish, with the end result that everyone is happy – you, the new supplier and us. So go for it!

I would like to receive regular news. Is it possible?

Yes. We send out an electronic newsletter every month. There you will find news, tips from us and, for example, information about competitions. If you want to receive the newsletter, we will need your consent to use your e-mail address. You can grant us this consent by editing your profile after signing in to the system. You can also follow our Instagram or Facebook page, which might inspire you in terms of the benefits you use.

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