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a program your
employees will

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Put Together Your
Own Motivational Program
and Save Time and Money

with an annual limit* of
up to CZK 21,983
per employee

* The limit for tax-deductible benefits is based on the Income Tax Act, Section 6(9)(d) and corresponds to half of the average wage in the current year.

Our Meal Vouchers Online and On Paper

MasterCard meal voucher chip cards or paper meal vouchers at the value of your choice.

Online Leisure Benefits

The online Cafeteria contains an extensive range of tax-exempt services in the health, culture, sports, recreation and education sectors across the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Add-on Modules

Management interface, Points Plus / Salary Swap, Congratulations module, Praise module, BenBook social network, Questionnaires, ProCES process management software.

Take full advantage of benefits
up to the annual limit

Your savings

By being rewarded up to the maximum limit* for leisure benefits, you save CZK 2,814 per employee per year.

Employee savings

Each of your employees will save CZK 5,847 per year when rewarded at the maximum for benefits.

We will monitor the maximum drawdown for each employee for you

You and Your Employees Will Love the Benefity Cafeteria

  • Effectively raises employee motivation.

  • Saves time, money and administration related to providing.

  • We will monitor the redemption up to the limit for you.

  • Provides a constant overview of savings and expenses for motivation.

  • Allows each employee to use a secure personal profile with shopping history.

  • Offers newbies a web interface with video tutorials to ease work with the application.

Optional Modules
to Add to Benefity Cafeteria

Social network
meal ticket
Salary swap
Points plus


Online application and its mobile version for managing and using leisure and internal benefits, including add-on modules.

Our Meal Voucher

Desktop and mobile application to select and use meal vouchers with MasterCard.

Management Interface

Enables allocating special rewards to team members.

Points Plus/Salary Swap

Employees can decide what part of their bonus they want paid out with their wages and what part to keep in Cafeteria.


A way to congratulate employees on special life or career occasions.


Facilitates the praise and rewards process and motivates employees across the company structure.

BENBOOK social network

Secure social network environment to share information among employees.


Module to create and evaluate internal questionnaire surveys.


Software to manage processes, communication, reporting, planning and other agendas.

Calculate How Much You
Save with Us

I am an employer
I am an employee

Enter the number of employees and amount of benefit per person,
and see how much you can save with BENEFITY cafeteria.

The entered value exceeds the legal limit. Please adjust the value to the limit.
The statutory annual limit per employee is CZK 21,983
(Income Tax Act, Section 6(9)(d)).
Calculation of employer
into wage
Benefity points
Remuneration of amount of
Insurance premium of employer
per 1 employee (33,8%)
Income tax of employer
per 1 employee (21%)
Total costs per 1 employee
Total costs

You save

With BENEFITY cafeteria the following
per one employee
Total (for all employees) saved

Enter your level of benefit and see how much you can save with BENEFITY cafeteria.

The entered value exceeds the legal limit. Please adjust the value to the limit.
The statutory annual limit per employee is CZK 21,983
(Income Tax Act, Section 6(9)(d)).
Calculation of employee
Remuneration into wage
Benefity points
Remuneration of amount of
Insurance premium per employee (11,6%)
Income tax base
Income tax (15%)
Net income
(remuneration minus
insurance and tax)

You save

Total difference

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What will you definitely appreciate?

  • “Tailored” catalog settings - personalized groups of selected benefits (also suitable for FKSP).
  • Allocation of tax conversions to benefit groups.
  • Online overview of employee account balances, cost centers, etc.
  • Unlimited access to online reports on employee usage, point balance, etc.
  • Access to billing history for points used or flat fee.
  • Space for internal communication with employees.
  • Easy and intuitive administration.
  • Major time and administrative savings.

Martina Berková
Key account manager

Martin Petrů
Key account manager

Training and Non-stop Support
during Cooperation
Is a Matter of Course

Throughout cooperation with us, management can always rely on:

  • A permanent sales manager for directed comprehensive communication.
  • A permanent support employee for reports and administration.

Employees can always rely on:

  • The customer help line at 840 236 236 (8 am - 6 pm).
  • Online chat in the application.
  • Support via Facebook Messenger.

We Will Teach Your Employees
How to Use Benefity:

  • We will train them in person on your premises,
  • While a series of video tutorials will be available.
How to Use the Benefity Application
QR Code Payments
Combined Payment

Benefits Always in Reach
with the Benefity Mobile App

You get:

  • Detailed descriptions of points of sales
  • Searches based on your present location
  • Supplier addresses via mapy.cz
  • Information about special offers
  • Promo codes and cashbacks at selected partners in the Discount Club


Benefity Mobile App

These Clients Use Benefity

"We've been working together with BENEFITY since 2013, and we couldn't be more satisfied with their services. Considering the high number of employees that we have, we especially appreciate the fast implementation, the way the partnership reduces our administrative burden, and the company's personal, individualized approach. The implementation of Cafeteria was completely glitch-free. We like the simplicity and lucidity of the system as a whole. Another advantage is the flexibility of BENEFITY in cases requiring a specific approach or individual modifications. Personally, I'm thrilled about the attitude of each and every BENEFITY employee with whom I have come in contact – everything I need is done immediately and with a friendly attitude and a smile. In addition, we regard very favorably the development of new features in the BENEFITY application. Overall, we consider our partnership with BENEFITY to be highly beneficial."

Petra Bacíková
Reward & HR Operations
O2 Czech Republic a.s.

"We have been a client of BENEFITY a.s. for many years and we appreciate the individual approach, helpfulness and services provided by this company. We recommend BENEFITY a.s. as a provider of employee benefits mainly because of their modern internet application, where each employee can choose the benefit exactly according to his requirements, and also because of the excellent cooperation with the company's sales department."

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic, s.r.o
Ivana Králová
Payroll specialist, Human Resources / Employee Relation

„Our cooperation with BENEFITY allows us to offer our employees a wide range of tax-advantaged benefits.
Our employees mainly appreciate the simple way in which they can draw on benefits and the fact that it is easy to find their way around the application.
We, meanwhile, value the helpful communication we enjoy with the BENEFITY team, which responds to our requests and tries to provide us with what we need.“

MAKRO Cash & Carry
Jiří Hofbauer
Head of HR Expertise

"Our partnership with BENEFITY a.s. began at the end of 2018. In 2019, we launched the Cafeteria program for our three facilities, which includes approximately 1,700 workers. The program was implemented with no complications. As regards the subsequent administration, we greatly value the company's friendly, professional attitude. I especially want to mention their rapid response to dealing with routine problems on the part of both the employer and employees who call the support line."

Daniel Veselý
Human Resources Department
Oblastní nemocnice Kolín, a.s. (Kolín Regional Hospital)

„We have been cooperating with Benefity a.s. since 2021. We wanted a benefit program for our employees in which they could freely choose how they preferred to make use of it, and thanks to the large portfolio of partners, this goal has been fulfilled. We also appreciated that they contracted some of our regular suppliers, so employees could continue to use the services that they already trust. I also very much appreciate the quality and professionalism of communication with Benefity a.s. They always try to resolve our requests in the best and quickest way possible.“

Moravskoslezské cukrovary s.r.o.
Beáta Němcová
Human Resources | HR Professional

“We were switching from another company, and during our business negotiations Benefity a.s. promised most of what the competitors were lacking, which they then subsequently delivered during implementation and realization.
Communication with Benefity a.s. representatives is flawless and very customer-oriented.
Use of the delivered system is simple and efficient and fulfills a function that our hospital, with over two thousand employees, needs.“

Náchod District Hospital
Mgr. Lukáš Holub
Head of HR and Payroll

„We highly recommend BENEFITY, a.s. We have been a client for 6 years, and we must say that entering into cooperation with this company was a smart decision. We are very satisfied. We particularly appreciate the user-friendly system, personal and friendly approach, and fast communication.
Our employees are also very happy, and they have easily learned to take advantage of the broad range of benefits.
BENEFITY a.s. is flexible enough to introduce providers from our area into the system. We simply enjoy working with BENEFITY a.s. If you want happy employees, don't hesitate to join us!“

STROS-Sedlčanské strojírny, a.s.
Ing. Jitka Mrkosová

"We have been a client of BENEFITY a.s. since 2020. Considering how our partnership has developed thus far, I can say with confidence that the firm's services are of the highest professional quality. Our employees are happy, thanks to the broad range of services, which offer something for everyone. What I consider a bonus and a great asset is the fact that we receive individual care, and the team does its best to respond to our suggestions, and keeps enlarging its portfolio by adding establishments that were not previously offered."

René Tomášek
City of Terezín

"At the time of Covid, we were looking for a new system to solve the existing system of paper meal vouchers and benefits. In Benefity a.s., we found it from April 2021. In the beginning, it took some time for the employees to get used to a purely electronic system. After a few months, they couldn't praise it enough. No more waiting in line at the cash register for meal vouchers or submitting invoices from partners. The clear system taught them not to worry about anything. Everything is handled for them by payroll and a clear electronic system, whether on the web or in an app stored on their phone. Also, when new employees join, ordering a new meal voucher-benefit card is very easy.
It is no problem to contract other benefit partners or restaurants. Communication with Benefity a.s. is always pleasant and fast."


Tomáš Valášek | Vice-Chairman of OS KOVO

OS Kovo

We’d be happy to take care of your employees too.

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You Have Reason to Trust Us

  • We were the first in the CZ to introduce an online cafeteria system.
  • We were the first to introduce QR code payments to suppliers.
  • We've been on the market since 2003.
  • We consistently collaborate with over 700 major clients. From those with 2 employees, to corporations with over 5,000 employees.

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Didn't find the information you were looking for?
You may find them in the FAQs

How do I find out how much I save with Benefity?

Use our calculator on this page to work out your savings. Enter the number of employees and the size of the reward per one employee and it will show you the exact amount that your company saves.

How many employees can we add to Cafeteria Benefity?

There is no set minimum or maximum number of employees. We provide company benefits to companies with only a few employees and to corporations with thousands alike.

How long does it take to put Cafeteria Benefity in place?

Putting the system in place is linked to your specific requirements and how demanding it is to make the modifications associated with these. We can say, however, that 8 out of 10 clients have their benefit system in place within 10 days of signing the contract. We always agree on a detailed timetable with the client in advance.

Are you able to adjust the appearance and content of the benefit catalogue to suit our needs?

Yes, we are. And we are happy to do it – we want you and your employees to feel at home when working with our benefit system. We therefore add your logo to the catalogue, which we dress up in your company colours.

We will also adjust the content of the catalogue to suit you so as to correspond to internal guidelines and requirements. Last, but not least, we are also able to set special categories for the management of internal benefits or to manage your internal communication regarding the benefit system.

We only provide a standardised catalogue of employee benefits if you decide to try our cafeteria tentatively.

Is it possible for my company's employees to exceed the annual limit?

Cafeteria Benefity has robust control mechanisms in place to ensure that the limit is not exceeded. In case of overdrawing, it is possible to set up an individual open scheme including reporting on the basis of which you will be able to add benefits to employees.

Does the start of the annual limit depend on the signing of the contract and the introduction of benefits or on the beginning of the calendar month?

The limit always applies to the calendar year, even for clients with a fiscal year. It therefore always starts on 1 January of the new calendar year.

Can points be carried over to the next calendar year?

It is possible to carry over points to the next year, however, in this case, the stated limit applies to the actual redemption.

Is the annual recreation limit still valid?

With the introduction of the overall annual spending limit, the recreation limit itself has been abolished. As long as the full 21,983 benefit points are used for recreation, this is perfectly fine.

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