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CZK 500 million

Yearly Benefits
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Why Us?

In our cafeteria, benefits worth CZK 500 million are drawn every year. We cooperate with suppliers throughout the CZ, with e-shops, chains and independent stone-and-mortar establishments or facilities.

We Currently Take Care of These and Other Clients:

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What You Get from Cooperation:


  • Online user profile for monthly billing and transaction history.
  • Presentation space in the cafeteria in Czech and English.
  • Option of posting free special offers on the cafeteria homepage.
  • Sticker for your establishment door so customers know they can use benefit points with you.

Payment Authorization
Anybody Can Manage

Video - Cooperate with us
Video - QR code
And if we connect your cash register system to ours, it will then be possible to pay for purchases by scanning a QR code or barcode. See how easy it is.

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Are there any special conditions I have to meet to be able to cooperate with Benefity?

No, there are not. All you need is a computer with Internet access.

What if I don’t have Internet on the premises?

Don’t worry. Our operators will take care of everything for you. Call our customer hotline, tell them what’s on your mind and we will take care of the rest.

Do I have to send invoices to you?

No, you do not. Invoicing is automatic. We will prepare everything for you.

Will I be able to keep a check of individual authorisation?

Of course. We will provide you with access to a supplier account, where you will find a list of all transactions. Find out which clients buy the most from you, allowing you to come up with special marketing campaigns.

I only have an e-shop, and not a brick-and-mortar store. Can I work with you as a partner?

Of course you can. This type of cooperation works under the name of payment gateway. It is fast and easy to put in place and only requires some minor intervention by our programmer. We are able to connect your system to ours so that the customer pays with his or her benefit card in your e-shop itself.

These suppliers already sell to users of our cafeteria: