Compete to win
58 prizes!

Join the Spring competition and play for 58 amazing prizes!

Purchase 500 points or more from any supplier in the Benefity cafeteria before 30 April 2024 and you will automatically be entered into the draw.

Any purchase of the minimum value listed is eligible to win!

  • 1 voucher for all categories with a total value of CZK 12,000 from Slevomat
  • 6 vouchers for the purchase in total value CZK 9,000 from Optik do domu
  • 3 gift vouchers for a cooking class for adults with a total value of CZK 8,970 from Chefparade
  • 10 vouchers for any webinar with a total value of 7,900 CZK from Brainberry
  • 3 one-day seminars at your own pace selection from Škola Klinické Naturopatie
  • 5 gift vouchers for any stay with a total value of CZK 5,000 from Tourtrend
  • 2 pairs of medical shoes of your choice with a total value of CZK 4,000 from Zdravotnické potřeby
  • 5 packages of food supplements in total worth CZK 2,500 from Chytrá lékárna
  • 5 book vouchers in total worth CZK 2,500 from Albatros
  • 5 entries on weekdays and 5 on weekends with a total value of 2,320 CZK to Cirkus Park
  • 3 gift vouchers for the purchase of books with a total value of CZK 1,500 from DOBRÉ KNIHY
  • 5 motivational calendars in total worth CZK 1,495 from coach Libuše Petrovic