We save with you
every day

Employee benefits are there to provide financial savings to both employers and employees. This is doubly true at a time when prices are rising, operating costs are increasing, and utility arrears are a nightmare for both parties. But one thing is certain. Improvements in the form of benefits are less "painful" for employers, and employees can use benefit points to partially finance their daily purchases.


Health for the whole family
The category of health is essential for each of us. Regardless of age. From the cafeteria, it is possible to finance everything from medicines, vitamins, care for babies and toddlers to healthy snacks or products for diabetics. Points can be used to pay for new glasses, children's braces, dental implants, medical mattresses or perhaps bedding for allergy sufferers.

Investing in education is always a step in the right direction
If it doesn't make sense to save on something, then it's education and self-development. Swimming courses for children, language studies, exam preparation or driving school tend to be a bigger investment, but it would be a mistake to skip it. The Benefity cafeteria will help with this as well, with almost a third of the savings. And the benefit points spent on these activities will not limit ordinary household budgets.

Rejoicing in everyday little things is important at any age
Small joys are needed in a period when the word "savings" is inflected from all sides. The benefits can thus be used for a visit to a barbershop or hairdressing salon, for a professional manicure, pedicure, or perhaps for a professional piercing of earrings. So that one feels always chic and at the same time does not feel guilty about spending. Every one of us needs occasional small pleasures and they are certainly not a sin.

Are you thinking about introducing benefits in your company?
Do it right now.
We will set up the cafeteria for you within ten days and you can use it, for example, to allocate Christmas bonuses.