Spring Benefity competition

Don’t miss a chance to win.

Spend 500 or more points at any supplier by 30 April 2023.

Each purchase with the specified minimum value can win!


  • 1 gift vouchers for accommodation in the total amount of CZK 10,000 from Travelking
  • 1 ticket to Calabria in the total amount of CZK 8-10,000 from Letuška.cz
  • 5 vouchers in the total value CZK 8,950 from ArtMoment
  • 5 vouchers for the purchase of complete Icona glasses with a total value of CZK 7,500 from Optik do domu
  • 2 tickets for 2 for wellness and a bath with a total value of CZK 4,500 to Infinit Maximus Brno
  • 3 golfer test vouchers in the total amount of CZK 4,470 from Golf Slapy
  • 3 tickets for 2 with a total value of CZK 4,140 from Hybernia theater
  • 15 entrances to the climbing wall with a total value of CZK 3,300 from Komec sports complex
  • 3 vouchers in the total amount of CZK 3,000 from Lékárna.cz
  • 3 vouchers with a total value of CZK 3,000 from ColosseumTicket
  • 10 all-day tickets in the total amount of CZK 3,000 to Bylandia
  • 5 vouchers in total value CZK 2,500 from AlbatrosMedia.cz
  • 1 six-month voucher with a total value of CZK 1,590 and 2 monthly vouchers with a total value of CZK 598 from Dramox
  • 3 vouchers in the total amount of CZK 900 from Dobré-knihy.cz