Spark the Christmas miracle inside you


You can never have enough of the true Christmas atmosphere

Are you also enchanted by the atmosphere of the Christmas markets? Do you enthusiastically soak up the smell of purple, mulled wine, gingerbread and baked ham? Do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of people, the snippets of carol tunes and the twinkling of magic lights? Get inspired and spark your Christmas wonder at our neighbours' Christmas markets in return for benefits.


1. The magic and tradition of Christmas in Vienna

Vienna is famous for its Christmas markets. Treat yourself to a stroll through the decorated metropolis. The atmosphere is unique. During your visit to the Austrian capital, you can even skate on the ice rink that runs through the romantically lit Rathauspark or head to the Herzerlbaum tree, a legendary attraction for lovers. Warm up with a traditional Glühwein and enjoy sausages, authentic Viennese strudel or giant buns, fluffy as a cloud..


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2. Advent romance in the city on the Danube

How about a flight to Budapest? More than 600 stalls, famous mead and traditional Hungarian delicacies await you here. And above all the commotion, the melodies of carols carry on. Head to Vörösmarty tér Square, bite into crispy lángos, sausages or sweeten your life with a nutty Beigli. To warm up and add to the magical atmosphere, try the local alcoholic speciality Krampampuli.


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3. Royal Krakow – The Fairytale Jewel of Poland

The impressive atmosphere will definitely win you over even in the most beautiful city in Poland. Advent markets with a long tradition take place on the Rynek Główny, a square listed along with the historic centre as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can shop for pleasure or admire handicrafts made of wicker, leather, wood and amber. And sample a range of local specialities. Definitely the most interesting is the traditional dish of bigos, which is served on request. To warm up, try the cherry vodka or the local "drinking honey" and then just let yourself be carried away on the Christmas wave.


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4. Explore icy beautiful yet warm Riga

Thinking of a longer trip? Discover the magic of Advent in Riga, Latvia, where the first decorated Christmas tree was erected in 1510. The local market stands in front of Riga Cathedral, also known as the Evangelical Cathedral. They are tastefully understated and lovely. You can buy mostly traditional goods, from gingerbread to knitted scarves and hats with traditional Latvian designs. Meat is roasted over the fire and you can warm up with a hot alcoholic drink called black balsam. The Christmas fair is not the only attraction. There are plenty of romantic spots and historic buildings and monuments in Riga to enrich your visit.


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5. Experience the unique atmosphere of Mozart's city for yourself

Explore the beauty of Advent in Salzburg. See some of the most beautiful Christmas markets, stroll through the sights and visit the "Santa Claus Market", which has been held here since the 15th century. In Salzburg, you will be enchanted by the unmistakable Christmas atmosphere, the quiet streets and the city's location in a valley between snow-capped Alpine peaks. The smell of roasted chestnuts, roasted almonds and hot punch wafts from every corner and Christmas bells ring through the city. You simply have to see this for yourself.


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6. Christmas in Bruges smells of pralines and waffles

Bruges is literally a magical place all year round. At Christmas time, thousands of lights light up the streets and Christmas trees and the city transforms into a magical box full of surprises. Stroll around the main square and experience the unique Christmas atmosphere and local culture. Even your taste buds will enjoy it. In addition to grilled sausages, seafood and traditional Belgian fries, you can sample dozens of varieties of chocolate or Belgian waffles with fillings like the world has never seen.


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7. Paris, the city of elegance, romance, sensuality and also lights

Advent in Paris is a real treat. The pre-Christmas time and the breathtaking decorations add even more magic and charm to the city. Public squares and parks are transformed into ice-skating rinks and the boulevards are filled with stalls offering handicrafts and delicacies of French cuisine. Warm up with a French onion roll or enjoy authentic French crêpes, foie gras, cheeses, calzones, raclette, macaroons and other authentic delicacies. And if you visit one of the stylish cafés in the Montmartre district, you'll experience a fairytale romance.


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Christmas is only once a year. Treat yourself to something special, savour the moment and take away an experience of a lifetime. 

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