Non-tax benefits


We also manage benefits from non-tax-advantaged areas

Benefity a.s. are the only benefity provider with CNB licence for internal benefits administration. Thanks to that you can entrust us with the administration of non-tax-advantaged benefity like a fuel cards, pension insurance, public transportation cards, purchase of your company services/goods and more.

We will take care of the payments and administration for you

We will contact the partners of your choice, take care of the administration, payments and invoicing for you and include them in your catalog. Your employees will have easy acces to them in cafeteria system so that they can perceive all benefits and motivation as a whole.

We are here for you every day

We want you to feel comfortable even when communicating. Like any client, you can contact two of our permanent employees at any time. We will also train your employees personally. After that they will have access to a number of instructional videos, an online chat or our customer line.

Are you thinking about introducing benefits in your company? Do it right now and

contact us.

We will set up the cafeteria for you within ten days and after that you can use it, for example, to distribute Christmas bonuses.