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6 places to visit in Český ráj

The Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj) attracts visitors from all corners of the world. Strolling among majestic towers and traversing through scenic gorges are unforgettable experiences. Whether you're an adventurer, nature lover, or history enthusiast, the Český ráj offers endless possibilities. Take advantage of our tips and discover a paradise on Earth.


1. The Mystery of the Příbram Rocks: hidden beauty near Prague awaits discovery

The Příbram Rocks, a mysterious place near Prague, attract with their charm. Although they are not as well known as other tourist attractions, they hide a unique lure. The fortress of Drábské světničky, the main attraction, is currently inaccessible, but you can take the route from Český ráj to the Old Castles, where there is a new viewpoint from 2020. Adrenaline junkies can also enjoy water adventures or a rope park with obstacles in the air.


 Pribramske skaly

Photo: Úžasná místa v Česku


2. Besedlice rocks: A natural treasure full of secrets and scenic views

The Besedlice Rocks are a natural treasure full of secrets. They are located in a picturesque region near the town of Besedlice. Start your route at the U Kalichu crossroads and follow the yellow marked trail to the Sokol viewpoint, from where you can admire the Dry Rocks. Continuing to the crossroads of Pánovo Pole near the rock town of Chléviště, you will discover several charming viewpoints: the Kinský, Kde domov můj, Husník's and Hořák's.


 Besedlicke skaly 1

Photo: Úžasná místa v Česku


3. The Jizera Valley: a walk along the Rieger Trail

Explore a hidden oasis in the Jizera Valley. The Rieger Trail leads through the Jizera River Valley and is reminiscent of the famous gorges in Hřensko. Follow the scenic and red-marked trail from Bítouchov to the Spálov train station. Along the way, you will enjoy attractions such as the 77-metre-long suspension footbridge over the river, the Spálov hydroelectric power station, the refreshing Antal Stasek well and the breathtaking Böhm lookout.


 riegrova stezka

Photo: Úžasná místa v Česku


4. Prachov Rocks: A Sandstone City with Stunning Views

Prachov Rocks will transport you to a fairytale-like sandstone city. You can park at the Tourist Chalet or in Prachov and choose a trail according to your preferences. Regardless of the trail's length, you'll be rewarded with unforgettable views ranging from 300 to 462 meters above sea level. You might spot jays, magpies, and woodpeckers, while rare birds of prey, like the protected Eurasian eagle-owl, can be seen nesting in the rocks.


 Prachovske skaly

Photo: Úžasná místa v Česku


5. Alain's Tower: Rediscovered Lookout with Views of Hills and the Town of Jičín

Alain's Tower, a 13-meter-high structure made of sandstone blocks on Tábor Hill near Lomnice nad Popelkou, is a neglected yet beautiful place. The circular lookout in Neo-Gothic style was built in 1862 by builder Josef Pruvot, an architect from the Rohan family with roots dating back to the 10th century. The lookout tower and its surroundings have been revitalized, offering a magnificent view of Zebín Hill and the town of Jičín. You can reach the tower by following the blue-marked hiking trail from the top of Tábor Hill.


 Alainova vez

Photo: Úžasná místa v Česku


6. Lomnice nad Popelkou: Unique Views from the Modernized Ski Jump Tower

Visit the modernized viewpoint in Lomnice nad Popelkou with its suspended platform. It is located at the top of the approach tower of the ski jump, built by Jaromír Stránský and awarded in the Construction of the Year competition in 2007. From a height of almost 30 meters, you can admire the Podkrkonoší region, the peaks of the Lusatian, Jizera, and Orlické Mountains, as well as the Giant Mountains. The ski resort is associated with the famous figure Zdeněk Remsa, a ski jumper who led Jiří Raška to Olympic victory. The lookout tower is freely accessible in any season.


 skokanska vez

Photo: Úžasná místa v Česku


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