- Our meal voucher

Our meal voucher is fair

for both employers and employees and offers a lot of benefits

Savings calculator

Acceptance network in the Czech Republic

has been continuously expanded

Savings calculator

10 % discounts at selected partners

for all meal voucher holders

Savings calculator

Our Meal Voucher is fair for both the employer and the employee, and has many advantages:

When ordering meal vouchers, you don't pay any commission
You can use it to pay in restaurants, as well as in Lidl and Kaufland stores
Simple online administration and ordering
It is accepted by more than 9,500 restaurants and businesses
You can combine paper and electronic meal vouchers
Discount on purchases in Lidl and Kaufland, as well as from other partners

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Our Meal Voucher acceptance network

15 000 restaurants


250 Lidl stores


132 Kaufland stores


Selected partners who accept paper meal vouchers or the voucher card

We're constantly expanding the acceptance network.


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And that's not all.
All card holders can enjoy a 10% discount on purchases in Lidl and Kaufland, as well as from other partners


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We offer individual, tailored solutions for all companies.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you, and propose the right solution.

Consider offering your employees meal vouchers.. Order a voucher card for them.


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